What others have to say about us

We regard what other people say about us as very important. We measure ourselves by the opinions of others. We are not only pleased to receive praise, but also to hear criticism. In this way we can continuously evolve and improve so as to also satisfy the expectations and demands of our clients and candidates in the future.
We asked a number of candidates and clients as to how they perceive us in their relationships with us. Here are some of the comments we heard:

A candidate

RIE Process Engineer

I would like to express my thanks to Adrian & Roth Personalberatung GmbH and personally to Frau Sabine Völkl. I have applied for the RIE Process Engineer vacancy that had been published on adrian-roth.com site. The application was successful and I have filled this position at TDK-EPCOS (München) after less than two months. The important role in this success had been played by Sabine.  Her professional approach, permanent attention and care were absolutely necessary. I’d like to underline high responsibility as well as quick reaction. Particularly, I’d like to mention friendly communication atmosphere that is important for job searcher (who is often situated in stress conditions). Best regards

Another candidate about Adrian & Roth

I wished to move jobs from Nuremberg to Munich for personal reasons. In dealing with the many questions posed by new employers, I felt I was getting the best possible support and attention through professional advice given by Herr Härning and Herr Roth. Thanks to their many years of experience in working with clients and contractors, I often benefited in job interviews from the tips the two gave me – they are a professional team with connections to the industry. By listening and showing interest in me as a person, I felt at home and fully understood in the team. I can wholeheartedly recommend Adrian & Roth Personalberatung.

HR Manager

Agere Systems Germany

For successful recruiting, what is important to us alongside the search is careful selection of the candidates. Particularly in regard to the technical requirements, the consultant must possess excellent technical understanding.
As part of our recruiting process, we came to recognize Adrian & Roth Personalberatung as a professional and reliable partner. The consultants quickly understood our very specific demands on the candidates. The initial selection of candidates was just as satisfactory as the coordination of all parties during the interview process.

HR Manager

fiscus GmbH Bonn

We at fiscus GmbH place great store in the following principles for successfully acquiring personnel:

  • Exact specification of the requirements and demands
  • Rapid completion of the individual process steps, from determination of requirements to filling of the post
  • Precise identification of potential candidates coupled with personal and competent contact
  • Use of professional selection methods that support decision-taking for high-quality recruitment.

When working with human resource consultants, we expect – along with expertise in the sector – that the vacant position and the company are represented and shown in such a way that the search process and talks with candidates generate a positive corporate image in the market. Employer branding is principally due to information gathered during personal discussions and that expectations generated in the talks are met. For this reason, the competence of the consulting plays a decisive role that goes far beyond the objective of simply filling a position within the company. Jürgen Adrian and Ludwig Hutter were always highly successful in this regard in different projects for us.

A development manager in the semiconductor indus

I got to know Adrian & Roth Personalberatung GmbH from two different perspectives: as a client and as a contractor. As a client (engaged by a number of companies) in the search for highly qualified staff, I was always advised and supported by Herr Roth to the greatest degree. Within a short space of time, Adrian & Roth Personalberatung succeeded in presenting suitable candidates to me, persons who were superbly qualified, not only in their skills, but also in their ability to work well in teams. As a contractor – after an American company fired me within five minutes after a number of years of employment – and in the difficult position of being unemployed and no longer in the first flush of youth, I found Herr Roth to be supportive and encouraging. His professionalism, coupled with good contact to the industry, provided the best conditions for successful consulting and job placement. I can recommend Adrian & Roth Personalberatung with the fullest confidence.

Kazuhiro Kubo

Manager Product Planning

Dear Mr. Roth,at first I inform you that I leave IMS VISION today. Mr. Mochizuki will take over the issue. However you requested me to inform our next step for a new person, we didn’t decide the step yet.
From last year you have provided so good support to us. I really appreciate your great support.I wish you good luck and success!Thank you very much.
Kazuhiro Kubo