Response Management

We approach the subject of Response Management from the recruiting side and commence our support of candidates with the responses from your advertisements or campaigns. We offer this service in three stages. This enables you to decide what best fits your requirements. With a wide range of varied additional services we can offer you your own individual concept.

Response Management – Basic

  • We forward the incoming applications to you.
  • We send confirmation of receipt to the candidates.
  • You make your own selection from the candidates.
  • We also take care of the dispatch of acceptances or rejections.

Response Management – Advanced

  • We make the initial coarse selection for you.
    Coarse in this case means the following: We filter out obviously unsuitable candidates – we do not send you an IT support technician if you are looking for a software architect.
  • We send a professional confirmation of receipt to the applicants and also provide the other services belonging to the Basic version.
  • We coordinate appointments for telephone or on-site interviews for you.

Response Management – Premium

The Premium version of our service in the area of Response Management can be individually extended. It entails professional prequalification of the candidates. This service includes the following:

  • Intensive briefing with you and your relevant department regarding the requirements for the candidate
  • Subsequent in-depth analysis of the résumé and exact selection of the suitable candidates by means of personal and/or telephone interviews held by a qualified consultant
  • Includes all components of the Advanced version.

Additional services for Response Management

Based on the Response Management stages, we also offer additional add-on services in this area:

  • We support you by accompanying you at all times throughout the interview process. In this phase we can organize the appointments and hold interviews on our premises. Alternatively, we can accompany each candidate to an interview at your offices.

This is only one of many options we offer in order to support you more strongly in the area of Response Management. Talk to us and we can discuss your requirements in conversation