Employer Branding

We take employer branding to mean the establishment of a credible and genuine brand associated with an employer. The individual strengths and positive characteristics of a company are transparently shaped and authentically communicated both internally and externally through employer branding. The point of employer branding is not to create a brand that pleases as many people as possible. Instead, the goal is to produce a brand that attracts suitable employees as a means of individual preselection and unites those employees in their company. When recruiting the right specialists and managers, employer branding is a decisive factor in achieving success.

Triggers for Employer Branding

  • Developing and exhibiting the individual strengths of a company.
  • Increasing staff numbers.
  • Staff and customer loyalty.
  • Talent management.
  • Corporate image/identity.
  • Internal corporate valuation.

Goals of Employer Branding

  • Cost savings by reducing recruiting costs.
  • Stronger identification of staff with the company.
  • Longterm commitment of staff to the company.
  • Transparency of key values in the company.
  • Communication of the company’s individual strengths.
  • Enhanced working environment.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.