Direct Searches

In our direct searches we produce – after a detailed briefing with the human resources and relevant departments – a job description and a briefing protocol, which we discuss with you.

We also investigate suitable companies for the search as a „search pool“ and coordinate this „list of target companies“ with you for matches. The actual work consists of searching for suitable candidates in the target companies, who work in the same or in a similar field of activities. With the names of these candidates, we engage in opening talks and generate an initial flow of information between the candidate and advisor. At this time, we as a consulting firm as well as our procedures are in the foreground of these talks. Not until a candidate has determined for himself or herself that the contact with us could be of benefit and that trust has been established do we request personal information. Once trust is in place, we enter into detail and provide detailed information on the position. If the candidate expresses interest, we send him or her the job description and, in exchange, receive their résumé. If this phase is also successfully completed, we organize a personal interview between the candidate and consultant. Following this interview, we produce – provided the candidate was also able to impress in the personal discussions – a candidate profile and then present the candidate to you together with two to four other applicants. You decide on whom you wish to invite to your premises for an interview. We organize the schedule, accompany the candidates, analyze the interview jointly with you and then coordinate the next steps to take. We, of course, also accompany the candidates throughout the decision-taking phase and advise them where needed. Once a candidate has signed a contract the „project closing“ phase begins: We inform the remaining candidates that they have not been accepted (with constructive criticism if appropriate) and guide the project to a clean, concluded state.